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Welcome to the Animal Jam Pokémon Wiki, otherwise known as the AJPW. The Animal Jam Pokémon Wiki is an explanatory and interactive database that is mainly influenced by the virtual game Animal Jam and media franchise Pokémon. If you're new here, it is highly advised that you go over the rules; you can also seek help from an Admin if needed. If you do decide to join the community, you will join the 2 active users that have edited or created the 25 pages here. New users are welcomed with open arms at any time.

The Animal Jam Pokémon Wiki holds information about several topics, including Pokémon/Pokémon Statistics, Roleplaying, Original Characters, Pokémon Groups, and more. As more users are accepted into the community, the categories and subjects may be added to or changed. If you'd like to request another category, permission can be granted by Admins.

Happy editing, and enjoy your stay!

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